Introduction of the challengers of Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776 ~Vol.1~

Posted: 2024.01.10

We would like to share feelings of a foreigner who actually completed Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776 this year.

1.What is the purpose and motivation for this challenge?

Initially I wanted to summit Mt. Fuji during the open season. Since I have done a couple of pilgrimages in Japan, I wanted to look for a more tradition and more meaningful route. I didn’t want to take the bus to the 5th station like most visitors.

2.What was the most memorable moment of your challenge?

All was memorable, but the most memorable would be the people I meet during the challenge. Everyone was so nice to me. I would love to thank all the people from Yomogi-yu inn, Yamaboushi inn, PICA, and the new 7th station for making me feel welcome during our stay. I would also like to thank a staff working at Fuji City Hall for helping me throughout the process. Without her help, I would not have been able to attempt this challenge.

3.Are there any restaurants and shops that you stopped by in Fuji City during the challenge? What did I enjoy there?

Fuji City is full of wonderful restaurants and shops. For restaurants, I can list where we ate, and what we enjoyed.

Bankara Ramen – ramen
Hama-zushi – sushi
Yakiniku Fuji – yakiniku
Gyu-kaku – steak (already closed)
Yomogi-yu inn – curry

As for shopping, I visited the outdoor shop and Donki for supplies needed for the challenge.

4.Is there anything that should be improved in Route3776?

It would be nice if the official website had links to the different Inns to make reservations easier. It’s difficult to make reservations if you don’t have the links to the different accommodations. I believe to make reservations at Yamaboush inn requires you to call or have a local number. PICA was also difficult to book, unless you translate the website to navigate to where you can rent the cabins.

5.Please leave a short message for other challengers!

First I would say enjoy every moment as once it’s done, it becomes a memory. Respect Fujisan, and leave the trail as it is for others to enjoy. Keep an open mind or you might regret what you miss. Keep your itinerary flexible, you can’t control the weather.

Thank you for sharing wonderful experience!
He has produced a video of his amazing challenge and uploaded it to YouTube.
Here is the YouTube link. Please take a look!