Introduction of the challengers of Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776 ~Vol.2~

Posted: 2024.01.22

We would like to share the feelings of a foreign tourist (male in his 40s from Hong Kong) who actually completed Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776 this year.

1.What is the purpose and motivation for this challenge?

Just to challenge ourselves and try something new in our trip.

2.What was the most memorable moment of your challenge?

Seeing the beautiful sunset and cloud at the sixth station.

3.Are there any restaurants and shops that you stopped by in Fuji City during the challenge? What did you enjoy there?

I only stayed at Shin-Fuji and I found it a nice, quiet and small town.
At Fuji City, I took a rest in a big supermarket and enjoyed some sushi near the supermarket.

4.Is there anything that should be improved in Route3776?

Some road signs at the town are set at the junction of the roads. I just didn’t know which road it indicates. Up on the mountain, it would be even better if there are more ropes for the climbers to hold. After all, Route3776 is ‘friendly’ to tourists.

5.Lastly, please leave a short message for other challengers.

Believe in yourself! No matter you get to the summit and see the sunrise or not, it would be an unforgettable and wonderful experience.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience!
We were so pleased because many foreign challengers came to Fuji City this year!
The number of foreigners who achieved this challenge was 73 as of October 23rd.
We sincerely look forward to your visit next year!